(Akshay Manikandan)

Bot Developer - Web Designer - Student



About Me

Bio / Daily Life

Hi im Akshay Manikandan my favorite subjects are Math and Science.
Hate taking notes and I have terrible handwriting.
I love Coding and do it all the time!
Still in school sadly, and while having barely enough time to work on big projects.
I still try and you can view one of my successfull projects above (Fwogo)

Coding Experience

Discord.js (djs)
Little bit of TypeScript

About Fwogo

Fwogo is one of my Biggest Projects yet!
He focuses on Role Management

You can invite him to your server using the buttons below!


Slash commands!

rolelist - This will list all the servers roles!

setautorole / deleteautorole - This will set and remove the auto role!

Add / remove role - It will remove and add a role to a user!

And Many more Slash commands!

Reaction Roles

rradd - This adds a reaction role!

rrdel- This deletes a reaction role!

buttonroles- This will create a button role!

menuroles- This will create a menu role!

Utility / Other

Ping- Shows bot latency

Embed- Generate an embed for your commands!

botsuggest- Give a bot suggestion!

Report- report a bug!

Botinfo- Gives some info about the bot!

To use Reaction Roles, you have to write r!rradd , then the bot will add the emoji to the message, and when you will klick on the emoji it will add/remove the role. If you wish to add more reactions to the message, write the same thing in chat, but with different ROLE_ID and EMOJI


The Fwogo bot makes managing roles, logs, easier to use. We offer you Role Logging system, to use Role Logging, all you have to do is write set-log to setup a Role Logging channel. To delete a Role Logging channel you have to write delete-logs